• Oil Filter Crusher RP-20FC
    Oil Filter / Can Crusher - Industrial 10-Ton
  • Oil Filter Crusher RP-20FC
    Oil Filter / Can Crusher - Industrial 25-Ton

Oil Filter Crushers

Are you troubled with what to do with the hundreds or thousands of oil filters and metal cans left behind after you service a vehicle? Government mandated recycling companies depend on you not knowing what to do with the refuse and they charge enormous rates for the small services they provide. Ranger gives you options so you can manage recycling yourself and do it less expensively.  Here are three options to help save you money:

  Cycle time Air Req. Height Width Depth
 RP-50FC ​15 sec. 1​25 - 1​75 psi ​90" ​32.5" ​31.5"
 RP-20FC 20 sec. 125 - 175 psi 29 1/2" 17" 17"
 RP-20FCS N/A N/A 42" 28" 18"

The heavy-duty oil filter crushers by Ranger were designed for efficiency and to reduce your toughest cans and oil filters to 1/4 of their original size in a matter of seconds, and it removes 95% of built up sludge trapped within. You can now sell the leftover metal for scrap, and keep the proceeds in YOUR pocket. All three models of Ranger Crushers do the job, you decide which fits best in your shop.

Ranger offers two hydraulic crushing solutions: The RP-6KC Paint Can Crusher and the RP-20FC Oil Filter Crusher.

Need compact yet powerful, then the RP-6KC with a large-diameter hydraulic cylinder, 3-ton air-operated payload and steel chamber is perfect for you. It boasts a moisture regulator and pressure gauge, that are built in, and signals when the air is at optimum, at the same time that a single-lever control aids proper crushing procedures. If your service garage has paint cans that you don't want to pay someone else to remove then the RP-6KC Can Crusher, Rangers waste management solution is what you need.

The massively powerful RP-20FC Oil Filter Crusher from Ranger crushes, flattens filters using 20 tons of hydraulic pressure and then drains the refuse, nice and tidy, into a storage drum. An inexpensive and convenient system constructed from welded steel plate, the RP-20FC Oil Filter / Can Crushers are designed to be the first and last crushers you ever have to buy. Ranger also includes a few extras such as a pressure gauge, a lockable viewing door and an air moisture regulator. Now that's a filter crusher!

Space a problem? No room on your workbench? Ranger makes the Ranger RP-20FCS Can Crusher Stand. It can support either the RP-6KC Can Crusher or the RP-20FC.  The frame holds oil storage drums ranging from 5 gallons to 55 gallons, and refuse goes directly from the crusher to the tank with no mess.

All of the Ranger Can and Oil Filter Crushers were designed to save you money and saving the environment. Love being in your shop / garage, then make your choice a Ranger crusher.

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