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Parts Washers are a ​necessity in any ​size service shop. Ranger has ​2 models to choose from (and choose between single phase or 3-phase). ​Heated aqueous spray and the renowned Ranger Deep Clean Technology ​gives you the cleanest of your grimiest tools.  A reliable piece toyour shop equipment that will do the job! P Admit it your tools get dirty. Get rid of the grime and grease and make them shine! ​Use the Ranger RS-500-D or the bigger Ranger RS-750-D and some good old fashioned Aluma-Klean soap for a perfect clean.

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  • Spray Wash Cabinets

    Spray Wash Cabinets

    You demand serious engine and auto parts cleaning. We demand performance! Ranger spray wash cabinets are the perfect choice to make your dirtiest problems disappear. Ranger spray wash cabinets features an octagonal, full-opening door. Made out of 12-gauge welded steel construction to handle heavier loads. Ranger parts washer cabinets features a resilient powder coat finish, easy to understand operator controls, corrosion-free brass nozzles, and large centrifugal pump. Single phase or 3- phase available.

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Tool washing 101:

1. Find your filthy dirty parts and tools then load them onto the turntable or use the parts hanging basket or tree.

2. Close the cover, latch the door and set the timer. (You can wash up for up to 60 minutes).

3. ​Tools are sprayed from every direction with hot soap and water ​and being filtered and recycled constantly. The turntable rotates at 3 RPM.

4. The grease, oil and carbon buildup is all being cleaned off your tools while you wait. All you have to do is unload the clean parts, allow time to dry and you are ready to go.

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