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Buy your toolboxes, jacks, workbenches, crushers, lifts, oil drains and more from Ranger and be sure to get the best product available. Ranger has a reputation you can trust. You've heard good things about them. Researched the web to see who's the best.  Ranger.  Buy from someone you trust and someone who stands behind their products and isn't selling their products for cheap because they are having a "going out of business sale".
  • Garage Floor Jacks

    Garage Floor Jacks

    Ranger's wide-array of floor jacks just keeps getting larger and more diverse. Our current line of floor jacks has maximum capacities ranging from 2,000 to 55,000 lbs. and come in a variety of styles like quick-pump and low-profile. But no matter which one you choose, Ranger floor jacks always offer incredible lifting power and construction that you can count on to never let you down.

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  • Tool Storage

    Tool Storage

    Ranger toolboxes are the best tool storage solutions for small or large shops or garages. Known for big sturdy drawers, awesome construction and shiny red finish, Wrenchers Warehouse sells the entire line of Ranger toolboxes that will be the pride your garage. Put one in your garage today! Browse and compare our full offering of Ranger Tool Storage Solutions

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  • Work Benches

    Work Benches

    Gotta get your projects completed on time and to your satisfaction, then you require a Ranger dedicated work area. Ranger designed and developed their line of large, heavy-gauge steel workbenches, with you in mind and designed to handle the challenges of being in a busy garage or shop. Offering three sizes and styles for you to choose from based on your space requirements and garage needs.

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  • Motorcycle Lifts

    Motorcycle Lifts

    Ranger has designed and is offering 3 motorcycle lifts that will impress you with their powerful looks, long lasting durability and full-featured designs. By utilizing top quality components and advanced manufacturing techniques, Ranger motorcycle lifts can be expected to outlast competitive models that can only promise comparable quality. Perfect for both professionals garage guys and DIYers.

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  • Transmission Jacks

    Transmission Jacks

    One of the most common and necessary pieces of garage equipment needed today at every auto and truck repair shop is the transmission jack. These multi purpose lifting systems are powerful and vital to perform many types of repair and servicing tasks. A transmission jack gets centrally positioned under the vehicle and lifts the transmission using a lifting platform attached to the transmission jack frame. Quite different than using a bumper jack or floor jack.

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  • Oil Drains

    Oil Drains

    Oil waste fluid, and what to do with it, is an occurring problem automotive professionals face all the time. What do you do with it once it's out of the vehicle? How do you safely transport it? Rangers, cutting edge design, has the right solution to this problem. Choose from Ranger oil drains and waste fluid management equipment to assure you are doing the best job you can to eliminate debris, spills and drips in your shop.

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  • Jack Stands

    Jack Stands

    Ranger jack stands create confident. Sturdy welded steel construction, with ratchet & pin safety mechanisms and capacities that make Ranger jack stands perfect for any home or garage project. Ranger also offers offers high-reach jack stands for stabilizing a vehicle raised on a car lift.

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  • Oil Filter and Can Crushers

    Oil Filter and Can Crushers

    Many shops and garage are learning that due to government mandates, proper disposal methods are extremely limited. And buried in hundreds or thousands of cans and filters every year, you need help. Ranger oil filter crushers help you save money while helping the environment. Ranger heavy duty oil filter crushers reduce cans and oil filters to at least 1/4th of their original size, helping you manage you shop cleanup and profitable.

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  • Shop Presses

    Shop Presses

    Every shop needs an industrial shop press. Ranger offers two professional-grade hydraulic force, versatile models. All Ranger Hydraulic Presses are perfect for the installing and removing bushings, bearings and gears. You can flatten, crush, bend, straighten, press, lift, spread, shape, push and pull with ease. Choose from either standing shop press model: the Ranger RP-20T or the Ranger RP-20HD. We also offer the Ranger 10 Ton Porta-Power Kit with case.

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  • Hose Reels

    Hose Reels

    Our supply of Ranger Hose Reels can handle water, oil or air. Your garage needs are our business. We supply high-capacity hose and reel combinations to deliver materials to your home or shop automotive projects. Ranger "Spring-Driven" Hose Reels are the best in your can buy. With hose sizes between 33" and 50" long that handle between 300 psi and an amazing 2,250 psi, pick your model.

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Wrenchers Warehouse sells automotive equipment. Offering specialized equipment with ongoing cutting edge designs is our mission. We sell service products from floor jacks, transmission jacks, work benches, hose reels and oil drains; shop presses and crushers, stands and tool storage solutions; spray wash cabinets; small material benders, lifts and so much more. Get familiar with Wrenchers Warehouse and browse the site and you will be amazed at the choices.
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Wrenchers Warehouse has access to all major brands of automotive equipment and tools as well as service equipment, we are offering our customers the best prices on everything from floor jacks to car lifts. Free shipping is offered on most orders and special group discounts are available for multiple orders. We accept most major credit cards.