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Buy your toolboxes, jacks, workbenches, crushers, lifts, oil drains and more from Ranger and be sure to get the best product available. Ranger has a reputation you can trust. You've heard good things about them. Researched the web to see who's the best.  Ranger.  Buy from someone you trust and someone who stands behind their products and isn't selling their products for cheap because they are having a "going out of business sale".
  • Shop Presses

    Shop Presses

    Every shop needs an industrial shop press. Ranger offers two professional-grade hydraulic force, versatile models. All Ranger Hydraulic Presses are perfect for the installing and removing bushings, bearings and gears. You can flatten, crush, bend, straighten, press, lift, spread, shape, push and pull with ease. Choose from either standing shop press model: the Ranger RP-20T or the Ranger RP-20HD. We also offer the Ranger 10 Ton Porta-Power Kit with case.

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  • Oil Drains

    Oil Drains

    Oil waste fluid, and what to do with it, is an occurring problem automotive professionals face all the time. What do you do with it once it's out of the vehicle? How do you safely transport it? Rangers, cutting edge design, has the right solution to this problem. Choose from Ranger oil drains and waste fluid management equipment to assure you are doing the best job you can to eliminate debris, spills and drips in your shop.

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  • Garage Equipment

    Garage Equipment

    Cranes, air compressors, car lifts, and tire changers, are all great pieces of equipment but they are not all the equipment that good garage shop should have. Quality garage equipment is what you need. Wrenchers Warehouse sells the Ranger’s line of premium automotive equipment products. You'll find wheel balancers, small diameter tire changers, small material benders, engine stands, hoists, cross beams, creepers and workbenches, Exactly what every garage need and more! Practical yet versatile and cost effective too, plus a good feeling that you are equipped to handle everything in any garage environment.

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  • QuickJack


    The Ranger QuickJack is a 3,500 pound capacity portable lift that replaces floor jacks and potential dangerous jack stands with a very convenient and touch vehicle support lifting system. Position the easy to maneuver jack frames under the vehicle, push a "raise" button located on a remote handheld control and suddenly, within ten seconds, the entire vehicle is approximately two-feet in the air, off the ground, ready for maintenance.

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Wrenchers Warehouse sells automotive equipment. Offering specialized equipment with ongoing cutting edge designs is our mission. We sell service products from floor jacks, transmission jacks, work benches, hose reels and oil drains; shop presses and crushers, stands and tool storage solutions; spray wash cabinets; small material benders, lifts and so much more. Get familiar with Wrenchers Warehouse and browse the site and you will be amazed at the choices.
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Wrenchers Warehouse has access to all major brands of automotive equipment and tools as well as service equipment, we are offering our customers the best prices on everything from floor jacks to car lifts. Free shipping is offered on most orders and special group discounts are available for multiple orders. We accept most major credit cards.