• Ranger RFJ-214T floor jack
    Garage Floor Jack -2-1/2 Ton Pro-Series
  • Ranger RFJ-2TX floor jack
    Floor Jack -2-Ton Long-Reach “Euro Style”
  • Ranger RFJ-3T floor jack
    Garage Floor Jack - 3-Ton Super-Duty
  • Ranger RFJ-3TP floor jack
    Garage Floor Jack -3-Ton Professional Series
  • Ranger RFJ-3TQP floor jack
    Garage Floor Jack -3-Ton Speedy
  • Ranger RFJ-3000AL floor jack
    Aluminum Quick Jack -1-1/2 Ton
  • Ranger Racing Jack RFJ-4000AL floor jack
    Aluminum Quick Jack -2 Ton
  • Ranger RFJ-3000LPF floor jack
    Garage Floor Jack -1-1/2 Ton Capacity Low Rider Super Long
  • Ranger RFJ-6HD floor jack
    Garage Floor Jack -3-Ton Capacity Heavy-Duty “Low Rider”
  • Ranger RFJ-10TL floor jack
    Garage Floor Jack -10-Ton Long-Frame
  • Ranger RFJ-30TL bottle jack
    Air Bottle Jack -30Ton Capacity Telescoping

Floor Jacks

Every garage needs a floor jack or two.  A Ranger bright shiny red floor jack. The best floor jack on the market made to handle tremendous amounts of weight and are very capable of lifting. The Ranger line of garage floor jacks is designed in a wide variety of lifting and supporting capacities.  See the chart below:

  Capacity Lowered height Raised height Length
inches inches inches
3 1/2
17 3/4 24
 RFJ-3000LPF 3,000
2 3/4 24 34
 RFJ-2TX 4,000 3 1/2
31 1/2
 RFJ-​5000HD ​5,000
​3 20 26
 RFJ-3T 6,000
4 3/4 20 1/2 28
 RFJ-3TP 6,000
5 1/4 19 1/4 26
 RFJ-4000AL 4,000
3 1/2 17 3/4 24
 RFJ-3TQP 6,000
5 19 3/4 25 1/2
 RFJ-6HD 6,000
3 5/8 21 27
 RFJ-10TL 20,000
7 23 61
 RBJ-​30TL ​60,000
​6 ​12 ​22.5

For everyday use, the RFJ-3T Garage Floor Jack and RFJ-3TP Garage Floor Jack are excellent choices. A quick-pump garage floor jacks like the RFJ-3TQP Quick Jack and RFJ-3000AL Racing Jack are highly desirable for shops maintaining minimal floor to floor times.

Maintaining and repairing low-profile custom vehicles then you'll need the low ground clearance lifting power of the RFJ-3000LPF Low-Profile Garage Floor Jack or RFJ-2TX Low-Profile Shop Jack.

For super-duty, heavy-duty lifting use the Ranger RBJ-25TL Air-Bottle Garage Floor Jack and the RFJ-10TL Long-Frame Floor Jack.  If you need more than these floor jacks for what you do, then you need a BendPak lift.

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