• tire and tube test tank RWS-55TD
    Tire Test Tank / Built-In Wheel Lift
  • heavy-duty tire vulcanizer Ranger RV-80L
    Tire Vulcanizer -Heavy-Duty

Tire Repair by Ranger

Wrenchers Warehouse sells your best tire repair option, we make sure that we have Ranger's full line of tire repair products. At Wrenchers, we know that replacing a tire with a tire changer is not always your best choice.  We give you other choices with high-quality tire repair products by Ranger to ensure that your garage or shop is equipped with the best tire repair equipment, at the best price.  Each machine listed below is specifically designed to help at every point of the tire repair process.

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Tire Test Tank
 RWS-55TD Full Pnuematic
Repair Tread and Sidewalls
 RV-80L 110v / 60Hz /1Ph

Ranger vulcanizers and test tanks are the top of the line and your satisfied customers prove it by coming back and getting back on the road. The Ranger RWS-55TD tire and tube test tank assists techs when looking for leaks, when used it considerably reduces the time it takes to find problems and tire damage and speeds up the whole repair process. With a foot operated pneumatic wheel lift handling the wheel itself is hassle-free. Using just your hands and your own strength and assisted by the pivoting 500-lb. capacity tire handler, you can easily manipulate and submerge the entire wheel assembly into the tank for easy dual-sided inspection.

Easy-to-use Ranger RV-80L Tire Vulcanizer lets you shoulders and sidewalls or repair tread on just about any car, bus or truck with little or no trouble or cost. Tire repairs should cost a fraction of the price of a new tire, the Ranger RV-80L helps you make it so.

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