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The BendPak product has been discontinued.
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The Ranger R980XAT works on a wide variety of wheels, including virtually all OEM configurations and performance tire and wheel configurations. The R980XAT features the latest in design and wheel service technology and provides the best value and performance in its class. The R980XAT tire changer is easy to operate, rugged, and equipped with a power assist tower to help when mounting low-profile performance tires. The powerful motor and gear box works systematically at a controlled speed for easy tire removal and installation. Ergonomic controls are sensibly placed to minimize excessive reaching, walking, or bending resulting in more jobs per day and increased profits. Large, storage trays provide ample space for weights, tools and accessories.

Massive Wheel Clamping Range / 10” – 23”
The Ranger R980XAT provides an expanded wheel clamping range giving you the ability to work efficiently on a variety of wheel styles and sizes.

Maximum Power at Every Step
The R980XAT has conveniently-placed foot pedals to give operators precise control at all times. The smooth, effortless, power delivery of the 2 HP motor provides multi-speed install performance, even on tires with stubborn beads.  

Powerful Bead Breaker
A multi-position sculpted-blade bead breaker loosens even the most stubborn and awkward tires. The stainless steel cylinder bore maintains sealing efficiency and longevity resulting in improved performance and constant power.

RimGuard™ Technology

Ranger RimGuard™ technology means expensive wheels are handled with greater care meaning less damage and increased work efficiency. Active, multi-position RimGuard™ wheel-clamps provide both internal and external clamping with an increased range for greater wheel handling capacity. 

Wheel Protection Package
Every Ranger R980XAT comes equipped with the necessary wheel-protection tools to provide critical protection of wheels during all demounting and mounting steps. Bead loosener socks, clamp covers, and tool-bar covers offer protection against metal-to-metal contact at all stages of wheel service.

Traveling Drop-Center Top Mount Helper / Swing-In Bottom Helper Disc 

 A powerful pneumatic drop-center tool dramatically reduces the effort required to change tough-sidewall tires. Workers can concentrate on working safer and more efficiently. Holds run-flat and low-profile sidewalls in the drop-center then follows the bead around as the tire mounts. A “swing-in” bottom disc can be used to re-loosen stubborn bottom beads or provide lift and support for wide or heavy tires.

Manual Swing Arm
The swing arm assembly features a spring assisted, easy-to-adjust horizontal tool head with vertical height adjustment locks.

Pneumatic Wheel Restraint Devise
The R980XAT features a pneumatic wheel restraint device for increased tire inflation and bead seating safety.

High Torque, Power-on-Demand, Geometric Turntable
High and low torque turntable output gives operators power-on-demand control for increased protection of wheels and tires during every mounting and dismounting step. Reversible direction gives operators the ability to back up in the event of turntable stall during stubborn bead installation. The geometric turntable provides for easier bead lubrication and visual inspection of the lower bead when servicing high performance wheels and tires.

Powerful Bead Seating & Inflation
TurboBlast™ bead seating system provides a high-power burst of air to help seal beads.

  • Dual-setting bead breaker
  • Rigid fixed tower design
  • Pistol inflation gauge with integrated air dump valve
  • Inflation regulator / limiter
  • Oversize lube / soap bucket storage
  • Inflation restraint device
  • Tool tray / bin storage
  • Water filter
  • Oiler / lubricator
  • Air regulator
  • Breaker bar
  • Includes brush
  • Powerful high-torque motor
  • Large storage trays
  • Traveling drop-center hold down device
  • For standard passenger and light truck service
  • Manual lock tool holder
  • Adjustable turntable clamps
  • Motorcycle turntable clamps optional
  • TurboBlast bead sealing system

  • Drive system type: electric / air
  • Motor: 2 Hp / 110 - 220 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz
  • Air requirement: 140 - 165 psi / 10 - 11 bar
  • Wheel clamping method: 4 internal / external clamps
  • Table clamping system: dual pneumatic cylinders
  • Bead breaking system: pneumatic blade
  • Internal rim clamping capacity: 11" – 24" / 279 mm – 610 mm
  • External rim clamping capacity: 10" – 23" / 254 mm – 589 mm
  • Turntable width capacity: 4.5" – 17.5" / 114 mm – 444 mm
  • Bead breaker width capacity: 1" – 14" / 25 mm – 356 mm
  • Maximum tire diameter: 48" / 1,219 mm
  • Shipping weight: 680 lbs. / 309 kg

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Quick Specs

Wheel types: aluminum, alloys, steel
Drive system: electric / air
Motor: 2 Hp
Air requirement: 140 - 165 psi
Clamping method: 4 clamps
Internal clamping: 11" – 24"
External clamping: 10" – 23"
Mount capacity: 4.5" – 17.5"
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