• RD-8G rolling oil drain Ranger
    Portable Oil Drain 9-Gallon - Upright
  • RD-15 low-profile portable oil drain  Ranger
    Oil Drain - 5-Gallon Portable
  • RD-18G upright rolling oil drain Ranger
    Oil Drain With Pump and Drain Valve - 18-Gallon Portable
  • Ranger RD-20SE air evacuation rolling oil drain Ranger
    Portable Oil Drain -20-Gallon Air-Evac

Oil Waste Drains

Oil waste fluid, and what to do with it, is an occurring problem automotive professionals face all the time. What do you do with it once it's out of the vehicle? How do you safely transport it? Rangers, cutting edge design,  has the right solution to this problem. Choose from Ranger oil drains and waste fluid management equipment to assure you are doing the best job you can to eliminate debris, spills and drips in your shop.

  Capacity Lowered height Raised height Funnel diameter
inches inches inches
 RD-8G 8
45 72 18
 RD-15 15
8 1/2 N/A N/A
 RD-18G 18
48 72 18
 RD-20SE 20
52 83 16

Choose from 3 upright rolling oil drains: 8, 18 and 20-gallon for your waste fluid management. Each of these units feature a wide stable base with 4 locking ball bearing casters and are resistant to rust, dents and damage from other automotive corrosive fluids.

For servicing heavy-duty RV's or big trucks the Ranger RD-15 Portable Oil Drain should do the trick.
A low-profile. stable, wagon style with handle, made of heavy duty construction and long lasting oil drain has a 15-gallon, 110 lbs capacity. All Ranger products, are made from the best materials for long lasting toughness. Chose Ranger quality Oil Drains and don't worry about waste fluid again.

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