• Hose reel Ranger Products
    Hose Reel and 33’ / 300 psi Hose - Spring Rewind
  • Hose reel Ranger Products
    Hose Reel and 50’ / 300 psi Hose - Spring Rewind
  • hose reels by Ranger Products Spring loaded
    Spring Rewind Hose Reel and 50’ / 300 psi Hose - Dual Support
  • air hose reel by Ranger Products Industrial-grade
    Spring Rewind Hose Reel and Super-Duty, 50’ / 2,250 psi Hose - Dual Support

Hose Reels

Our supply of Ranger Hose Reels can handle water, oil or air. Your garage needs are our business.  We supply high-capacity hose and reel combinations to deliver materials to your home or shop automotive projects. Ranger "Spring-Driven" Hose Reels are the best in your can buy. With hose sizes between 33" and 50" long that handle between 300 psi and an amazing 2,250 psi, pick your model. The spring mechanisms allow the hoses to retract quickly so your shop is nice and clean.

  Air pressure Hose length Fittings Shipping weight
 RH-33SL 300 psi 33' 3/8" 33 lbs.
 RH-50SL 300 psi 50' 3/8" 50 lbs.
 RH-50PL 300 psi 50' 3/8" 55 lbs.
 RH-50PM 2,250 psi 50' 3/8" 57 lbs.

Why does Ranger have spring-driven hose reels? To provide your and your shop with almost indestructible, heavy duty constructed superior design. Specifically designed to keep your hoses working like new and your shop clean as new! That's why we sell the Ranger hose system. It's simple, just pull and go, unwind the hoses and start pumping water, air or oil. The Ranger reel will rewind itself when you are done. Ranger makes your job easier!

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