Equipment Leasing Options

Wrenchers Warehouse recognizes the needs of small to mid-sized businesses. That’s why we present many types of equipment leases to help business owners manage their cash flow and equipment and technology needs. Our equipment financing solutions are flexible and developed based on the specific goals of your business. Below are the types of equipment leases that we provide.

Dollar Buyout Lease* – A dollar buyout lease may also be referred to as a capital lease. This type of lease guarantees the option to purchase the equipment for the amount of one dollar ($1) at the conclusion of the lease agreement. Customers that plan to keep the equipment at the end of the lease term typically select the dollar buyout option.

• Requires simple application up to $100,000
• Additional financial information will be required for $100,000 or more

Wrap Lease* - If you’re a current Wrenchers Warehouse customer and looking to start a new lease with us, Wrenchers Warehouse can help you consolidate payments and save money. Our wrap lease enables you to close out your current lease and roll it into a new lease along with the financing of the new collateral.

• Requires simple application with limits up to $250,000
• Full financials will be required for $250,000 or more
• Term lengths of 24 to 60 months

Business Expansion* – If you plan to open a new location or expand your current business, Wrenchers Warehouse can offer equipment financing for your new location. The new location must be in the same line of business, at the same address or in close

proximity to the current location. The existing location must be operating under current ownership for a minimum of five years and Wrenchers Warehouse needs to be provided with the total financing amount required in order to open the new location.

New Business Program* - Wrenchers Warehouse is able to provide financing to businesses operating for less than two years under our new business program. Businesses operating less than two years, can qualify for equipment financing up to $25,000. Personal information and guarantees are required from all owners and standard credit requirements must be met. Standard documentation is required as is mandatory Direct Debit/ACH payments.

Sale Lease Back* - If you recently paid cash for some new equipment, Wrenchers Warehouse can offer you cash for the equipment and convert your purchase into a lease. This is called a sale lease back. If you have paid for the equipment within the last ninety days, Wrenchers Warehouse may be able to help you recoup your investment in the equipment and allow you to make low monthly payments. Certain credit guidelines must be met and certain documentation such as invoices and proof of payment will be required.

Get started today by submitting an online lease application or calling one of our friendly customer service representatives. 

*All terms are subject to final credit approval.

Get started today by submitting an online lease application or calling one of our friendly customer service representatives.


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