• BendPak HD-7P four post car hoist
    Short Runway Car Lift - 7,000-lb. Capacity
  • BendPak HD-7W four post lift
    Short Runways / Extra-Tall / Wide - 7,000-lb. Capacity
  • HD-9 wide four post lift BendPak
    4-Post Lift - Standard Width - 9,000-lb. Capacity
  • BendPak HD-9XW super-wide four post hoist
    Standard Width, Extra-Tall Hoist - 9,000-lb. Capacity
  • BendPak HD-9ST space-saver four post hoist
    Narrow Width Car Lift - 9,000-lb. Capacity
  • BendPak HD-9STX narrow long four post hoist
    Narrow Width, Extra-Tall - 9,000-lb. Capacity
  • BendPak HD-9SW double-vehicle storage four post hoist
    Double Wide Four-Post - 9,000-lb. Capacity
  • BendPak HD-9XW super-wide four post hoist
    Extra Wide, Long Runway Car Lift - 9,000-lb. Capacity
  • HD-9SWX double-vehicle storage four post lift
    Super Wide Four-Post Lift / 82" Rise - 9,000 Lb. Capacity
  • HDS-14 Four Post Vehicle Hoist
    Extended 4-Post Lift - 14,000 Lb. Capacity
  • HDS-14X extende0d capacity four post car hoist
    Four-Post Lift / Extended / Limo Style - 14,000 Lb. Capacity
  • BendPak HDSO-14 Open Front Hoist
    Extended / Open Front - 14,000 Lb. Capacity
  • HD-14TL Car Hoist  by BendPak
    Tall Lift / 82" Rise - 14,000 Lb. Capacity
  • Boat storage solutions
    Boat Storage Garage Lift - Extra Long
  • BendPak HDS-18 heavy-duty four post lift
    Heavy-Duty Four-Post Lift - 18,000-lb. Capacity
  • BendPak HDS-27 heavy-duty four post hoist
    Standard Length Four-Post Truck Lift - 27,000-lb. Capacity
  • BendPak HDS-27X heavy-duty four post hoist
    Four-Post Extended Length Truck Lift - 27,000-lb. Capacity
  • BendPak HDS-35X heavy-duty four post hoist
    Extended-Length Four-Post Truck Hoist - 35,000-lb. Capacity
  • BendPak HDS-40 heavy-duty four post  hoist
    Standard Four-Post Truck Lift - 40,000-lb. Capacity
  • BendPak HDS-40X heavy-duty four post hoist
    Extended Four-Post Truck Lift - 40,000-lb. Capacity

Four-Post Lifts for Sale at Wrenchers Warehouse

BendPak HD-Series and HDS-Series 4-Post car lifts are made with best materials, technology and safety, with exclusive features that you'll wonder how you ever lived without. Favored both by professional automotive garages and dedicated DIY'ers for home garage parking and carports, BendPak four-post lifts are optimized for performance, featuring unprecedented safety and control, advanced hydraulic systems for enhanced productivity and extended operation even when used for the most demanding applications.

BendPak's HD-Series and HDS-Series 4-Post lifts are engineered to meet the strenuous demands of any lifting job. Capacities range from 7,000 lbs. to a super-duty 40,000-lb. maximum. If it drives, one of our HD-Series and HDS-Series 4-Posts can probably lift it. These lifts also pull double-duty as convenient garage parking and storage solutions. All BendPak lifts are backed by 45 years of excellence and a reputation that carries as much weight as the lift itself. We're proud to have these HD and HDS-Series car lifts in our lineup, and you'll be proud to have one in your shop or garage.

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