• Wheel_Weight_TapeSILVER_
    Silver 5gm (.18oz)
    Wheel Weights-Steel-SILVER
  • Black_Wheel_Weight_Tape
    Black 5gm
    Steel Wheel Weights – BLACK
  • COMBO_Steel_Wheel_Weights
    Combo 5gm
    COMBO PACK- Steel Wheel Weights –
  • Stick-On Wheel Weights
    Silver .25 OZ 1/2" Wide
    Steel Wheel Weights – SILVER
  • Black Stick-On Wheel Weights
    Black .25 OZ 1/2" Wide
    Steel Wheel Weights – BLACK
  • Black and Silver Stick-On Wheel Weights
    Combo .25 OZ 1/2" Wide
    Steel Wheel Weights – SILVER and Black

Reduce Waste and Costs with Ranger Quick-Peel™ Adhesive Tape Wheel Weights Rolls

These tape weights come in convenient bulk rolls and are packaged in self-dispensing cartons that feature  "Free-Glide™" and a center hub with nylon feeder mouth for jam-free, smooth delivery. Spools deliver the exact weight of Ranger Quick-Peel™ weights every time you need it and without waste.

Easy to remove Quick-Peel™ adhesive backing minimizes fumbling and per-prepares weights for quick mounting in fractions of a second. Available in black, silver, or combo roll of both colors. A shop favorite and necessity. Easy to install, stay on longer and are stronger plus they are environmentally friendly.


  Qty/Pcs Unit Wt
 700  .25 oz each
 Bulk roll
 700  .25 oz each
 Bulk roll
 700 /700
 .25 oz each
 Bulk Roll / dual roll


Many States Now Banning Lead Wheel Weights

New legislation now makes it illegal to sell, manufacture or install lead wheel weights in many states. Violators can be faced with substantial penalties of up to $2,500 per day, per violation. Wheel weights made entirely of lead or zinc that end up on the roadway have high potential impacts to human health and the environment compared to steel wheel weights. Steel wheel weights are the preferred alternative due to their comparatively low toxicity and fewer environmental impacts from manufacturing. Lower environmental and human health impacts coupled with the high opportunity for steel wheel weights to be made from recycled material make steel wheel weights the best overall alternative. 
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